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FBC's Executive Director, Laura Dawson, recognized as one of Canada's TOP 50 Foreign Influencers

Current and former senior government officials, past diplomats, and insiders weigh in on who has influence over Canadian foreign policy for The Hill Times' annual list.

The Hill notes that "Like Volpe, Laura Dawson was called on by the government to give her two cents at the recent winter cabinet retreat. Her expertise is on the world’s longest undefended border that traverses the 49th parallel—a border that has been put under an increased spotlight by bombastic American lawmakers as their election approaches. One senior official called her perspective a “thoughtful voice” that is listened to. Dawson previously led the Canada Institute at the D.C.-based Wilson Center and was a senior adviser in the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa."

Read the full article below.

Hill Times List 2024
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