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About the Coalition

The Beyond Preclearance Coalition was formed in 2018 as a group of bi-national organizations with a vested interest in advancing the efficiency and security of the Canada–U.S. border. Together, they commissioned a White Paper to explore the opportunities going forward.


In 2020, the coalition was renamed “Future Borders Coalition” with a multi-year mandate to continue the work of accelerating a cohesive border vision based on improvements in technology, processes, facilities and innovation to drive ahead economic recovery, prosperity, safety and security.

Our Vision

Changes in technology and processes often act as a catalyst for a renewed vision and serve as instruments to improve multi-modal cross border travel and trade. With autonomous vehicles, blockchain, video analytics and new detection methods, a new vision will ensure all parties in the public and private sectors align toward efficiencies. At the same time, privacy, sovereignty, and data management issues will be addressed. Privacy by Design (PbD), for example, could help reduce the concerns about the use of new biometric technologies.


Much has changed since the Perimeter Clearance strategy was first developed over fifteen years ago. Major changes in new and emerging technologies must be incorporated into a future border vision and there is the need to fully deliver on the promise of facilitated trade and travel in a seamless manner for both Canada and the U.S. Progress has also been made in harmonizing bi-national border processes, but there are still gaps to be addressed and implemented including:

  • Developing common approaches on biometrics and information sharing;

  • Exploring multinational cooperation, like trusted partners such as the Five Eyes; and

  • Focusing on process convergence to deal with resurging queue lengths and delays as a result of the accelerated growth of trade and travel.


The ultimate objective is to enhance the traveler experience and improve the mobility of people and goods through the Canada–U.S. border (air, land and sea) all while ensuring that safety and security are not compromised, but actually improved. Border and security agencies need support to keep pace with proven technologies in video analytics, biometrics and other solutions to reduce the administrative work involved in processing people and goods.


Benefits to defining a new vision in perimeter security include:

  • The strengthening of border security (pre-border, external and shared borders);

  • Free movement of pre-screened travelers and goods;

  • Expedited movement for low-risk travelers and goods;

  • Greater economic prosperity and competitiveness for both countries; and

  • Continued safeguarding of sovereignty and privacy policies.

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